Our Firm

Our Name

Our name is derived from a coastal estuary located between Hobcaw Barony and DeBordieu Island, on the Atlantic seaboard of South Carolina. The North Inlet is a place of contrasting beauty and danger, opportunity and risk. The estuary’s mixture of fresh and salt water supports a dynamically diverse and growing community of marine life and other natural resources. At the same time, its ever-shifting currents and channels demand careful navigation by those who seek to pass. We are inspired by the North Inlet’s beauty, purity and diversity, and respect its natural power and volatility. We seek to combine our independent experiences and talents with those of our clients to create exceptional outcomes, and we savor the challenge of guiding our clients through difficult situations.

Our Team

Our Values

At North Inlet, our actions reflect our values and support our mission:


  • Be open and honest in everything we do
  • Do what we say we are going to do
  • Practice humility by putting others first
  • Accept responsibility when we make mistakes, and be quick to forgive others


  • Have clear objectives, measure results and celebrate success
  • Make fact-based decisions in the long-term best interest of the business
  • Relentlessly focus on timely, thoughtful, creative execution


  • Be responsible stewards of our financial, environmental and other resources
  • Support, encourage and respect our clients and fellow employees
  • Value and cultivate diversity in our work force
  • Partner with our clients to deliver mutually beneficial results


  • Be a learning organization, committed to continual development of ourselves and others
  • Inspire and motivate those around us
  • Seek to strengthen our communities