Our Services

Comprehensive Corporate Development Advisory

We have a demonstrated track record of providing clients with holistic buy-side investment banking services to accelerate their growth trajectories. Our corporate development clients are interested in expanding through acquisition, joint venture or partnerships. At North Inlet, we augment a company’s existing resources with a team dedicated solely to pursuing our clients’ acquisition growth strategies.

We provide a seamless, consistent process of guidance and direction to ensure there are no gaps along the way.  Our comprehensive corporate development advisory services include:

  • Strategy
    • Corporate and M&A strategy evaluation and development
    • Industry research and competitive analysis
    • Acquisition target parameters and evaluation criteria
  • Pipeline Management
    • Target identification, outreach and relationship cultivation
    • Development of a protocol and process for deal evaluation
    • Transparency and accountability with systematic pipeline tracking and prosecution
  • Deal Execution
    • Process leadership while serving as an intermediary between buyer and seller
    • Advice and analysis throughout the due diligence process
    • Transaction structuring, valuation and negotiation of economic terms

Sector Pipeline Development and Outreach

We translate broad strategic imperatives into targeted opportunity pipelines. We augment our clients’ front-end resources to enable clients to be strategic rather than reactionary by enhancing client focus on vetting opportunities against core competencies.  Our approach is highly customized to each target with only senior team members driving outreach.

We provide a dedicated team and consistent process to fully canvas a prospective segment to ensure there are no stones left unturned.  Our pipeline development and outreach services include:

  • Focus sector identification and development of target parameters
  • Target research and opportunity identification
  • Customized senior-level outreach and relationship cultivation
  • Transparency and accountability with systematic pipeline tracking and prosecution

Discrete Sell-Side Advisory

Strategies are dynamic, and the next step toward growth may be a divestiture or change in ownership. However, a broad auction process is not always the right solution. At North Inlet, we identify a limited number of highly strategic acquirers, keeping the sale process quiet and focused. We have a successful history of guiding clients through a sale process, taking into consideration dynamics unique to a particular situation and optimizing results, both financial and otherwise, while maintaining maximum confidentiality.

Real Estate Considerations and Strategic Projects

Forestry and agribusiness concerns are often unique in their asset profiles, particularly when it involves significant landholdings and/or external land partners. We provide problem solving advice for clients facing complex financial situations with nuanced considerations unique to the industry. We dig deep to understand the critical issues, identify feasible alternatives, assess the financial impact of different growth structures, and negotiate the most attractive solution.